it's a new world my son
who knows what the men may tolerate in time

Good intentions, bad science. Sound familiar?

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Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer

Looking good :D

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Screencap meme: TNG, Colours Abound, for kesprytt.

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Jessica Rainer - who’s gone by the nickname “Berlin” for most of her life - is a soldier in the Earth Republic who makes propaganda films. Although she wouldn’t describe her work that way. Berlin’s a firm believer in the ideals of the Earth Republic, seeing the organization as a valuable force that protects and unites people. (X)

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"Darth Maul is going to go from that cool guy to looking at him and going ‘I’m actually really afraid of this guy and someone has to do something about him’ “

-Sam Witwer

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I don’t think I know who The Doctor is anymore. [x]

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There is a light in all of us.

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